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Today I’m going to share some info about a tool I have been using during my journey to physical fitness that I absolutely love! It’s an app called My Fitness Pal that is now a part of the Under Armour family of products. As I mentioned in my previous fitness update post, found here, I have been counting calories and macros in an effort to lose weight and better my fitness level. This app has made that a hassle free endeavor which I always appreciate! Everyone I mention counting calories to ends up rolling their eyes, “Who has the time for that”, is of course their opinion. But My Fitness Pal makes it a breeze with how easily they have integrated everything. Here is a screen shot of the entry page:

The nice thing about the tool is that you can simply type in and search for whatever it is that you are eating with a high likelihood that it has been entered in the system previously and then you simply select it and choose the amount of an item you are eating. The other option is if you click on the bar code in the upper right corner, you can scan a bar code on a package and it will enter that food into your list or simply search for something you eat frequently or have had recently. It will then tell you the calories and macros such as amount of protein, carbs and fat in each item you have eaten or are considering for a meal.


As you can see above on an actual listing of my meals one day, it lists everything I ate for breakfast, lunch and so on. I purchased the upgraded version so along with the list it totals my macros for each meal which I find comes in extremely handy. But I will point out that the free version does everything you really need this tool to do with counting calories and macros, I just opted for the upgrade because it gives me a little more control. In the free tool you can set your goals for calories per day along with your macro goals, but with the upgraded version I can vary this by day which I personally do because I am carb cycling. You can also view your daily nutrition intake as you can see below:

As you can see, I’m right in line with my targets for protein and carbs, but have some work to do on fiber and fat! The nice thing is that I know all of this because of My Fitness Pal! Now of course the goal of all this dieting for me is to lose weight, so it also allows you to enter your weight and track goals there as well and you can even enter any exercise you do and have it adjust your calories up to make up for those burned if you wish. I personally just add them to my calorie deficit for the day. Here is a screen shot of the weight tracker:

For me, My Fitness Pal has been a welcome addition to my fitness journey. Hope some of you find it as helpful as I have!


Gen Xer

Author: Gen Xer