The Beginning


So where shall we begin? A little more about me. I’ve found ways to waste more money than I could have ever imagined as a fresh-faced college grad. Without a great understanding of personal finance as a kid, I was brought up believing that financing new cars every few years, running up credit cards to get the latest Nikes and saving very little was the red-blooded American way to live! Anyone else with me??

Well low and behold, that’s actually not how all people live. The majority? Quite possibly. But not those who are self made millionaires, and that’s what I am striving to become. I’m currently a 42 year old Gen X male, recently transplanted to the Midwest for a new job. I am a college grad, both undergrad and graduate degrees, a B.S. with a concentration in Finance if you can believe it and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing. Over the course of this blog I will be sharing “flashbacks”, mostly lessons in what not to do, that will give you more context on the whole how we got here front. But for now, let’s leave it at I got my start in serious saving a little later in life than I would have liked now that I actually have a full understanding of the value of compounding!

In addition to flashbacks, I will regularly share updates on where I stand from a net worth perspective and how I am tracking toward my goal. My goals are twofold on the finance front, a million dollar net worth before I turn 48 and to reach FI (financial independence) by 57. At that point I would like to go into semi-retirement, and by that I mean have the ability to only work for myself on the schedule I so choose. Considering I’m only at $350k right now, I would say it’s a pretty big goal. Fortunately though, I am a marketing executive in a large organization and have an income that should allow that to be possible. I know, I’m fortunate for that because it makes up for a lot of my previous sins.

Now for the barbells portion of the conversation! I’ve had a passion for fitness since I got into powerlifting in college. I’ve kind of fallen in and out of love with fitness over the course of my life, but a recent doctor’s visit catapulted me back into it in a big way. At 42 I wasn’t expecting terrible news at my last physical, but my doctor apparently felt the need to burst that bubble. At 5’10’ I was up to 221 lbs, the heaviest I had been in my life. While I have always been a thick guy who carries a decent amount of muscle, he also informed me my body fat had climbed to 29.5% which classified me as obese. It didn’t end there. My cholesterol was approaching dangerous levels and if that wasn’t enough, he classified me as pre-diabetic! Want to talk about an eye opening conversation………While my doctor wanted to start me on cholesterol lowering medication, I asked for some time to see if I could improve naturally.  That was about 60 days ago and I have a follow up at the end of this month. I left that appointment with one goal in mind, I was going to clean up my diet, lose weight and exercise enough to get in the best shape of my adult life. In my 40’s, I will hit single digit body fat and see abs for the first time. That’s what I promised myself and I dove into the challenge head first.

That sets the stage, so until next time…………….


Gen Xer

Author: Gen Xer