I like to think I am a pretty typical Gen X guy who is still on the journey to building wealth and getting fit! There seem to be a lot of stories out there about Baby Boomers and Millenials and what they are doing on this path, but us poor Gen X members seem to be part of the lost generation.

At the time of starting this blog in 2018, I am 42 and a recent transplant to the Midwest for a new job. I’m divorced, with a 17 year old who still lives on the east coast and creates a lot of opportunities for me to travel back home. My only roommate at this stage is my adopted dog Bailey, who I’m sure you will hear about from time to time.

I have had quite a few stumbles along the road, but I think I have found my footing now and seem to be making progress. Here on Stocks, Bonds and Barbells I plan to share my journey with you and hope that maybe we all even learn something along the way!

Gen Xer


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